seximal is objectively the best way to represent numbers and I WILL fight you on this

seximal is a positional notation numbering system that uses base six. it's a lot like decimal, only better in basically every way.

I'm jan Misali. the jan part is an honorific, pronounced kinda like "yon". you might know me as "about the most superficial commentator on con-langues since the idiotic B. Gilson", and I'd like to show you why I like seximal, why I think it would be neat if more people used it, and maybe even what a world where everyone used seximal would look like. we'll see.

all numbers on this website are in base six unless otherwise specified. for example, the number written <14> is what we call "ten". for more information on the exact meanings of the numbers used, check out the nomenclature page.

Seximal, God’s gift to man
— Tucker Ervin, Hackaday